What is Boston Flow?


We are an eclectic flow arts collective dedicated to uniting the flow artists of Boston with local artists, musicians, activists, and other creatives. As artists, we believe when we work together, we are greater than the sum of our parts – giving us all the more power to make an impact in our community.

So…what are flow arts? What is “flow”?

In the last few years, several scientific studies have shown that entering what’s called the “Flow State” reduces stress and increases happiness. To flow – or enter the Flow State – is to be fully immersed in an enjoyable activity, your body and mind fully engaged with the present moment. “Flow Arts” is an umbrella term for a type of dance that involves object manipulation, such as hula hoop, poi, and staff. Practicing an immersive, creative physical activity like Flow Arts is one way to enter Flow State.

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