Diversity. Collaboration. Community.

It was early September 2014 when Saturn and Little Drum met, hooping at a festival in the Common. Inspired by the many talents of their friends and the strong, creative community of Boston, the girls ambitiously set out to lead a grassroots movement dedicated to fusing the spinning arts with activism, local art, and local music through wholesome gatherings and DIY events – and the Boston Flow Community Facebook group was formed.

A couple months following the unity of Saturn and Little Drum, a wild Hoopercat appeared. The two friends were busking in the subway when they spotted her rushing to the train with her hula hoop. The Cat stopped, and the three exchanged numbers, spirits high for future collaborations and new friendships.

The first event Saturn & Little Drum planned was a modest spinjam in the Common which doubled as a food drive for the Greater Boston Food Bank. Though the day was cold and the turnout was modest, every attendee had donated at least two food items. The girls felt deeply motivated to continue what they had started, and began hosting more benefit events of all artistic varieties. Some of the most memorable early Boston Flow events include a pet-themed open mic jam (for the Animal Rescue League of Boston); a pop-up jam/busk circle in Copley Square (for Nepal during the earthquake crisis); and an all-day backyard local music & arts festival (for Vh1 Save the Music).

Life took its turns, and by mid-2015, Little Drum left to Salt Lake City to launch her music career. But Saturn and Hoopercat would not let Boston Flow wither. As of today, with the help of wonderful friends, family, partners, and sponsors, the Boston Flow Community has grown immensely, and the organization has hosted dozens of memorable events all over the city. These events include spinjams, workshops, art shows, productions, concerts, and other gatherings in both professional and DIY settings; but perhaps most popular are Boston Flow’s monthly benefit burns, which double as fundraisers to benefit a wide variety of local and global nonprofits. Some of these organizations include:

and counting!

Boston Flow also hosts monthly workshops collaboratively with Northeastern Spinning Arts Club, featuring globally renowned instructors such as Brecken Rivara, Lee Jeffries, Lux Luminous, Zach Attackk, Anatolia Fire Goddess, Mastah Scrams, Cirque Movement, Nick Minton, and Lucy Ford – three times! Additionally, Boston Flow Troupe members teach free weekly spinning arts classes at the Rafael Hernandez School and Brookline High School.

Though Boston Flow has been through many phases, the organization always prioritizes its foundation on diversity, activism, collaboration, community, friendship, and good vibes. We strive to unite Boston’s creative minds and bodies, and empower them to make a concrete impact by doing what they love – whether it’s speaking out at an open mic for homeless youth, spinning a burning hula hoop in protest of the latest pipeline, or simply teaching someone a new skill. 

We hope you enjoy exploring our corner of the galaxy!

Click here to learn about Boston Flow’s performance team, the Boston Flow Troupe.