The Boston Flow Troupe is OPENING AUDITIONS for 2017-2018!

(Deadline Extended to August 30th)

Be part of something greater than yourself – a team of passionate, talented flow artists dedicated to pushing themselves as performers, influencing and empowering other artists, and making a difference in the community.
The Boston Flow Troupe is as close as a family and very busy as of late. From the countless gigs and tireless rehearsals, to the monthly benefit burns and frequent workshops, to amazing retreats and unforgettable festivals, this troupe is something special: a family of fearless elves & faeries, constantly progressing both as individuals and as a whole.
Some of you have been with us from the start, some of you will have just heard about us from these auditions. But if the above describes something YOU want to be a part of – if you’re a flow artist and nothing brings you more joy than performing, teaching, practicing, manifesting – if you want to take your performing career and your love for flow arts & the community to the next level…we want you.
Please send a video (3 minutes minimum) of unedited flow to info@bostonflowproductions.com (subject line AUDITION) and fill out this application no later than WEDNESDAY AUGUST 30TH to be considered.
Boston Flow is NOT an agency, and the Boston Flow Troupe more than just a group of performers under the same name. As our main source of human capital and financial income, the Troupe is Boston Flow’s backbone. We are looking for responsible, proactive, and influential members who have a voice in the community and promote ideals reflective of those of Boston Flow. That said, as a troupe member you will be expected to pull your weight as a Boston Flow Productions team member. Opportunities for paid gigs are contingent on your reliability, integrity, and effort. In addition to performing for private and public events (both paid and for charity), we organize, curate, choreograph, and produce extraordinary things. We host events, which troupe members are expected to attend and work at. We meet/rehearse twice a week, always working on something new – new group routines, music videos, costumes, event planning. And finally, we respect eachother. We love eachother. We support eachother and the artist communities around us. We are POC. We are queer. We are all-inclusive. And we are here to spread love for and awareness of the flow arts, making them accessible and enjoyable for all.
Again, auditions & applications close on August 6th. Announcement will be made mid-late August to give everyone time to plan ahead for the Labor Day retreat.
For more information about the troupe, and to see our recent work, please visit bostonflowproductions.com/troupe or check out the hashtags #BostonFlowTroupe and #BostonFlow
Good luck to all <3


“After two years of hooping with no community I was lucky to walk by a girl in the train station busking for college funds. We instantly connected over the circle and as our friendship blossomed so did our mutual desire to expand our community and connect with artists around us. We had a dream of building a team of passionate, motivated, talented artists; teaching workshops, throwing events, and connecting our community. With the goal of forming a professional troupe of skilled performance artists, we got that and some. Before I knew it I was surrounded by like-minded and kind-hearted individuals. All of a sudden I had a new group of friends with common interests and hobbies; a group of people I could learn and grow with. After a year we have accomplished so much. Aside from becoming a family, we have had amazing opportunities to express and showcase our talents. Having the chance to perform on stage has been incredibly fulfilling and empowering. I am so grateful to have helped form a group of beautiful human beings who support and encourage each other. Over this year I have turned dreams into accomplishments. Boston Flow has given me the chance to turn my passion and creativity for performance art into a reality while also setting me up with a group of reliable, amazing, loving, friends.”

Hoopercat, co-managing & artistic director


“Being part of the Boston Flow Troupe has been an essential part of my growth as a flow artist, teacher, performer, and community member. There is no better way to expand your spinning abilities than to surround yourself with incredibly creative fellow spinners. The talented folks in the B-Flow Troupe are multi-prop, inventive, and always willing to patiently teach a trick. The community that attends Troupe events has expert spinners as well as brand-new beginners, all welcomed equally! Having such a wide range of experiences, abilities, and inspirations adds such depth and richness to the community as a whole. There are endless opportunities to learn new things and meet new people! After becoming a Troupe member, I also feel much more connected to the community of the greater Boston area. Our Troupe has performed in numerous locations as well-known as the Royale downtown to as grass-roots as the Inner Sanctum in Roxbury. It is so satisfying to be a part of what makes these various venues so amazing and exciting to attend. In addition to performances, we also periodically teach workshops at Northeastern University and advise a weekly Flow Art Club at Brookline High School. Having this hands-on teaching experience has not only strengthened my abilities, but has also qualified me to make a career out of teaching flow art! Being a Boston Flow Troupe member gives you a beautiful opportunity to explore how flow arts can become a bigger part of your life and the lives of those you know. I am so honored to be a part of the Troupe and I am constantly inspired by our future plans to further bring the love and enjoyment of flow arts to Boston and beyond!”

Gemini Jules, core troupe member



“Being a part of the Boston Flow Troupe has changed my flow (and my life) for the better. I have grown immensely during the time I have spent with these wonderful humans. During my time with Boston Flow, I developed my stage presence, honed my teaching skills, and made beautiful friendships and connections that I know will last a lifetime. I am so grateful to have been a part of this community, and I would highly recommend this experience to anyone in the flow community who may be looking to find a place where they belong.”

Beavs, core troupe member


“A year ago when I auditioned for the Boston Flow Troupe, little did I know I would be auditioning to gain nine new best friends. I didn’t realize how much joining this troupe would change my life. And I didn’t realize how much I would grow as a professional individual. Not only do I feel like my flow arts practice has a purpose now, but I also feel like I’m part of a community that supports me unconditionally.
In addition to providing a stage for me to cultivate my performance skills, I’ve also gained experience in all aspects of entertainment production, from costume design, to promotion, to stage management. Building a resume with these skills has taken me from being a bedroom hooper to a professional and successful hoop performer.
Flow arts has been a passion of mine for five years, and Boston Flow helped me realize it really is possible to follow your dreams. After everything I’ve learned in the past year, I feel like my dream has only just begun and I’m so excited to see where the next year with Boston Flow takes me.”

Spinner X, co-artistic director


“Boston Flow is a wonderful asset to the spinning community in Boston. More than a performance troupe; we get involved with local artists and events that encourage community building, participation, and showcasing. Some of my favorite events have been our benefit spin jams. It feels good to be doing something I love, sharing that with the community, and raising awareness and money for causes I believe in. I have made amazing friendships with all of the Boston Flow Troupe, and love them all dearly. When I joined I never would have imagined I would become so close to the other members, and I am beyond grateful that I have. The Boston Flow Troupe inspires me to work harder, create more, and become more involved.”

Mastah Scrams, core troupe member


“All I ever wanted was to be part of a troupe when I first started hooping. I wanted nothing more than to have a large group of friends who where flow artists and like minded. So when I moved into the city I went out of my way to make my dream come true, it took no time at all before I meet the women who made the troupe possible. Before I knew It I had a whole new family of sisters who wanted nothing more than to see me grow as an artist and a person. I’ve met and made connections with people in the industry, learned the ropes of the job, and got a true feeling of what it means to work with a troupe. From costume and make up to promoting and networking, Boston Flow has taught me more in the last year than I ever thought possible.
What makes Boston Flow what it is today is its promise to dedicate itself to the Flow Community and Boston community itself. A good portion of the work I’ve done for B-Flow was for our benefit events, and is definitely one of the things we do that I’m most proud of. I love this troupe, this organization, and this community.”

PurplePine, core troupe member
“Boston Flow, in many ways, is a flag holder for the area’s counter-culture movement and proud representation of the power of a strong community. The Boston Flow Troupe, in a way, is the committee that oversees the activity of this organization and is the soul that drives its pursuits. With performance as just a small part of our duties, the Boston Flow Troupe has its hands filled with community-building activities, DIY events, handcrafting, volunteering, outreach alongside the numerous independent initiatives taken on by individual members. Additionally, the social dynamic is warm, supportive, and familial. The Boston Flow Troupe is a tightly knit sweater of love and determination and I strongly encourage you to try it on, if you get the chance.”

– Iscollator, core troupe member